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17 March 2010 @ 01:53 am
hi, remember me  
So my recent RDJ obsession has lead me to renew my lj specially so I can play with the wonderful people at ontd_downey.

I want everyone to be proud of me, for earlier I almost began to read Iron Man comics and then talked myself out of it. Comics are a world I know little of and it seems best to keep it that way. At least for a little longer. Doctor Who is the only fandom I've made the mistake of delving into that has more than ~5 years of cannon works to read/watch.

Been failing to do an update for Amanda Mae's amazing 1 year 50 books blog. I am a horrible friend. Please make a note of it.

Making a sticky post for the beginning of next year to list the books I have read before I get to far gone to keep track of them.

Have watched 13 RDJ movies in the last three months. Have seen Sherlock 5 times in the theater.

Feel a bit melancholy about not being in Athens.

Planning a rather amazing Sherlock Soirée with Kayla.

Find myself oddly addicted to reading prompts on the sherlockkink board.

Find that I care less and less how many people know of my fandomy things.

Half hearted update is half hearted.
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Mary Annjade_foxfire on March 18th, 2010 04:30 am (UTC)
Taylor! You do exist! There is nothing wrong with a rampant obsession. Makes life fun.